The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Reville Map 1310E

Originally the site of an old French Fort that protected the northern entrance to the small port of St Vaast la Hougue it was adapted by the Germans for much the same use.
The major addition by the Germans was the building of three bunkers for enfilade fire along the beach, both to the north and south.
The site is remarkable for the adaptation of one of the gun bunkers in to a tea room.
There is another at Quineville in similar use, but to have your snack where the gun used to be is surreal.
There are quite a number of ammunition bunkers on the site and also a concrete plinth.
This might have been the support for a small telemeter, although these were in short supply throughout Normandy and may just have been a binocular support.
The old French Fort has been adapted to be used for a small lighthouse, to form a navigation reference for fishing boats and sailing boats entering the port of St Vaast la Hougue.

Wn115 or Wn34 R667 - R677 - Shelters x 8 Wellblech - Vf2a - Vf58c - Vf/MG - 50mm KwK L/42 88mm Pak 43/41 - Cable Pit


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