The Atlantik Wall In Normandy




Maps run from East To West

To the east of Cherbourg some of the biggest gun batteries can be found. It could be argued that "Hamburg" was the only true Batterie in Normandy

At the foot of each page you will find listed the Bunkers and Armaments of each site where known



Home Bretteville Wn205 St Gabriel Wn243 Digosville Wn243 Les Caplains Stp243 Port Levi Wn201 Cap Levi Wn202 Pointe du Brick WN203 Osteck Stp235 Hamburg Stp234 Sea Eagle Judee Port Pignot  Wn201 Fort Joret Wn130 Cosqueville Wn165 Rethoville Wn127 Neville Stp136 Gatteville Stp153 Les Vastines WN125a Holvi Wn123

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