The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Saint Vaast La Hougue Map 1310O

The French constructed a fort here two hundred years before the Germans arrived with the same intention, to keep the English from invading.
When the Germans arrived in 1940 they took over many of the French fortifications and adapted them to their own use.
Here at Saint Vaast la Hougue they installed mainly anti aircraft guns and a large searchlight, at 120 cm it was one of the larger of the searchlights installed in the area.
They also put machine gun posts into the sea wall, normally these stand out like a sore thumb, but here they seem strangely at home.
Fortunately the German construction did not alter the character of the French Fort.
The fort is still used by the French Navy and it is not possible to enter the fort, but a good view can be obtained by walking round the walls.
The entrance to the port was also fortified with a bunker placed just alongside the Fisherman's Chapel. This has been cunningly adapted to form a interesting view point for visitors.
Even better hidden is the control post just in front of the same chapel. The first world war monument has been placed on top and this must surely be the only example of a first world war monument sitting on top of a second world war bunker.

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