The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



La Pernelle Map 1310O

Wn144 FCP WN149 Pernelle II

The village of La Pernelle boasted two gun batteries a radar station.
The second batterie (Pernelle 2) was equipped with three 170 mm German guns mounted in the open.
They were supposed to have H679 type casemates but these had not been started by D-day.
The other batterie (Pernelle 1) called by the Germans "La Pinoterie" was further advanced and its six 105 mm Schnieder guns of 1916 vintage. The guns were housed in two different types of casemates, types H650 and H671.
It is claimed that these guns were again mounted on carriages after D-day and moved inland.
There was also a command bunker of the H608 type. At the time of the occupation the quarry in which the guns are placed were not in use. Today it is a different story and many of the casemates and associated bunkers have been destroyed. The Fire Control Post sits on top of the workings and looks as if every moment will be its last.
The Pernelle I batterie could have no effective roll against the Allied fleet landing on Utah beach, because its guns faced out to sea and because of being in casemates and could not be rotated enough to be of any use.
The Pernelle 2 batterie known to the Germans as Essen was a more serious threat on D-day.
The batterie had never been equipped with a range finder and so its fire upon the fleet was not accurate.  In an earlier bombing raid one of the 170 mm guns was damaged and taken to Cherbourg for repairs, it had not returned by June 6th.
After further raids the two remaining guns were moved further inland and before the Germans retreated, the guns were spiked to prevent them being of any use to the Americans.
The Russian guns from Carteret were brought close to here after D-day to help slow the Americans advance.

Wn144  Vf6a - R120a - R608 - R637 - Water Bunker - Vf58c x 4 Manned by Gren. Rgt. 729

La Pernelle 1 R671 x 4 - Measuring Post/SK 105mm K331 x 6 Manned by 9/HKAR1261

La Pernell II 170mm K18 Manned by 10/HKAR1261


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