The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Morsalines Stp141 Map 1310O

The German gun site here has almost disappeared. It was intended that the captured French gun be housed in type H679 Casemates but at the time of D-day they were still housed in the open. Very little of the site for the cannons remain, as the farmer has tried to reclaim the field. The Fire Control Post for Crasville was also situated on this site, together with one for this gun emplacement and neither were of a standard design. The most interesting feature of the site is the Anti Aircraft bunker, still sitting high on the hill overlooking the sea above St Vaast. The bunker is a standard design (L402) of which eleven were built in Normandy.  The bunker would have been equipped with a 20 mm gun. The building at the side of the bunker seems to have taken a direct hit and is badly damaged. The bunker itself seems to have suffered an explosion on the internal wall between the crew quarters and the ammunition store.  The site was also supplemented by a type H680 near the main road and also WN109 on the coast. This site has the only 677 bunker built in the area, together with type 688 which are more common. Rommel visited the site twice, the first time in January 1944 and complained about the lack of camouflage. He was here again on May 10th, this time to inspect the damage caused by an attack by the R.A.F.

Stp 141 Vf6b - Vf58c x 4 - Light Emplacements/SK - Cable Pits - Wellblech - Water Bunker - Shelters x 10 - R134 x 3 - R502 x 2 - R621 - 155mm K416 x 6 - Flak 30 x 2

Manned By 6/HKAR 1261


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