The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Crasville Stp142 Map 1310O

Crasville like many of the gun positions on the Atlantic Wall in Normandy was equipped with Schneider 105mm field cannon. Over four hundred of these guns were used by the Germans, after the defeat of France..
They were employed all along the Atlantic Wall from Norway to the south of France.
Introduced in 1913 these guns were usually very worn and were none too accurate and ammunition was scarce.
It was for these reasons that they were employed on the Atlantic Wall.
The wheeled versions were difficult to aim and fire in a casemate and many were mounted on old German naval mounts which allowed them to be bolted to the floor of the casemate.
The site is interesting as two types of casemate are employed here.
There are two type 671 and two 650, which is unusual as the 671 type is normally associated with a fire control post. It can only be assumed that the firing trajectories for the guns in the 671 casemates were calculated in the 650 casemates.
This would also be true when it came to the storage of ammunition, it could be assumed that the 650 would be used to feed shells to the 671 casemate.
There is also an anti aircraft position on a mound within the site, together with many small underground bunkers.

StP 142 R650 x 2 - R671 x 2 - Vf58c - Water  Bunker - SK/Machinery Bunker - 105mm K331 x 4 - 20mm Flak 30 Manned by 5/HKAR 1261


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