The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Mont Coquerel WN136 Map 1310O

This battery built in 1943 was equipped with four Schnieder 105mm guns, of French WW1 origin. They were housed in type 671 Casemates
The Casemates would have had a gun traverse of 120 degrees.
The casemates were disguised as houses with painted sides and earth pilled on top to help disguise them as well as absorb any incoming fire. Most of the damage caused to the casemates was caused after they were captured, when ammunition was detonated in the gun rooms, and when the guns were removed for scrap.
Just down the hill along side the church a small fire control post was installed along with two smaller casemates (667 & 612) where 88 mm or 75 mm guns would have been installed to protect the beaches from invasion.
This battery received the attention of the US navy ship Tuscaloosa on D-day.
The Tuscaloosa was equipped with 8 inch guns.
The battery did not surrender until the evening of June 14th after a fierce battle.
The garrison was taken by the 3rd Battalion of the 39th Infantry.

Wn136 or Wn22 R671 x 4 - Vf2a - 105mm K331 x 4 - Manned By 4/HKAA 1261


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