The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Varaville WN10 Les Temples Plage  Map 1311E

Situated to the north of Utah beach, just north of the Leclerc monument, This is also where the Utah landings should of taken place.
This emplacement was numbered WN10 and WN101 in the German listings, and is the best preserved of any WN's in the area.
The new numbering system had just been introduced by D-day and German efficiency ensured that there were two emplacements numbered WN101 on Utah beach.
This beach defence remains one of the most complete on the Atlantic Wall in Normandy.
It comprises of a type H612 Casemate housing the a 75mm cannon.
PaK 43/41 gun, this gave fire cover over the northern sector of the beach.
To the south are two VF casemates one with a command post housing Skoda 47 mm guns.
The gun at position Stp 9 covered the south flank of the beach.
These guns could take out any Allied tank unlucky enough to get into their sights at a range of nearly 2 miles, and also inflict damage to landing craft out to sea.
They were supported by a M19 mortar mounted in a H633 Casemate. Several Renault tank turrets mounted on Tobruks plus an array of 50 mm machine guns.
Other bunkers include H134 and H502 used for ammunition storage and for personnel.

Wn101 or Wn10 Vf2a x 2 - Vf69 - Vf/Skoda - R676 - R612 - Vf/MG - Vf x 4 - Vf58c x 4 - Ringstand Gr.W - Ringstand 50mm KwK - Pz.T Ft17 37mm 144 - Pz.T s35 47mm KwK 173 - 47mm Pak 36 x 2 - 75mm KwK L/60 - 47mm Pak 181


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