The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



South Varreville Stp9  Le clos Duval Map 1311E 

Just to the north of WN8 is another German Strong point, called StP9.
This had two enflame gun positions facing to the north, and would have housed 88 mm guns in type H667 casemates.
Unusually on this section of beach a bunker for a 150 cm searchlight, This would have been used to search for both incoming aircraft and ships at sea.
The bunker now sits drunkenly on the edge of the sand dunes and its days, before tumbling onto the beach are numbered.
The Tobruk that sat alongside it on the dunes has already succumbed.
A section of the tank wall can still be found, but much of this has now been eroded by the sea.
Behind the site in the sand dunes there is a type R633 mortar bunker, manned by as group of fourteen, half of them being used to man the mortar.
These bunkers are relatively rare, only fourteen being built in Normandy
The cupola as most in Normandy was taken for scrap after the war.
There is also a personnel bunker type 621 and a more unusual gun bunker, together with a well preserved set of trenches.

Stp9 Wn09 Stp100 R633 - R656 - R677 x 2 - Vf/MG - Pz.T R35 37mm KwK144 Pz.T S35 - 47mm KwK 173 - Pz.T FT17 - Vf58c x 2 - SK/Machinery Bunker - Searchlight Position - 88mm Pak 43/41 x 2


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