The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



La Madeleine WN5 Map 1311E

The area around this southern end of the landing beach at Utah, remains much the same as it would have appeared to the troops landing here on the morning of June 6th 1944.
The Roosevelt cafe and the bunker alongside it was used by the Todt. Org during the building of the defences in the area.
The museum sits on the site of a Tobruk that housed a Renault tank turret of 37 mm, which has been incorporated into the museum.
The monument to the American engineers who cleared the beach of obstacles during the morning of D-day is mounted on top of a type H702 bunker.
This bunker was used by both the Germans and Americans as a communication bunker.
There are five of these bunkers in this area.
The largest guns installed here were 50 mm and 47 mm, the former housed in type 667 Casemates.
Several different types of Tobruk housed French tank turrets and machine guns.
The area was flooded to the west and surrounded by barbed wire and mine fields. Because of the flooding the Americans where forced to use the narrow roads which lead off the beach inland. In the museum is an example of the small demolition tank called Goliath. Forty of these tanks were deployed along the beach in this area but none worked on the morning of D-day, this could have been due to the bombing, or they may not have been serviced as some sources suggest.

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