The Atlantik Wall In Normandy




The Enzian was a German guided missile developed by Messerschmitt AG in 1943 - 44.
It was first designed as a ground-to-air missile, but later proposals envisaged using it as a ground to ground or even antitank weapon.
Of exceptional power. it carried 1000lbs of high explosive and a proximity fuze.
It was powered by four solid-fuel boost rockets for takeoff and a liquid-fuel sustained motor for flight.
Guidance was by radio link, an operator relying on optical or radar tracking to get the missile into the target area, after which an infrared homing head or radar homing head would take over and guide the missile to its target.
About 60 rockets of various degrees of development, were built and 38 were flown, 16 with radio guidance. but the project never reached the production or service stage.


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