The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



La Hougue Stp110 Map 1310O


Originally a French fort built by Vauban in the late 1600's and adapted by the Germans to their needs. The fort is still used by the French Military and visitors are not permitted. The fort is occasionally open to the public and it was on one of these days I gained access. To visit the whole of the fort I have to have a Navy escort, just in case I photographed something I should not see. The German's have grafted their bunkers into the old fort and an old French cannon is still in situ.

Other armament included 2 x 45mm Pac97/38 - 2 x 75mm FK38 - 2 x Machine guns - 2 x 50mm GrW F - 2 x Flak 20mm plus Mortars and searchlights.


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