The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Vauville WN315 Map 1110E


The R612 casemate here on the beach, protect the small beach on the Western Atlantic Coast opposite the German held English Channel Islands. Whilst this coast was never seen as a possible invasion beach by the Germans, there was always a threat that the British would try and regain control of these islands. Two 47mm anti tank guns would have protected the beach along with the usual anti aircraft and machine gun posts. One of the nicer fortifications is the double Tobruk, one of just a few to be found in Normandy.

The site also protected the two larger gun emplacements situated on the cliffs above the town of Vauville. There were also several V1 launch sites and radar installations in the area. The two sites were Petit Thot and St Croix les Delles which both housed captured French guns. One of the interesting relics of the fortification is that at sometime after the occupation someone has cut up "Hedgehogs" the triangular beach fortifications into their segments to form fence posts along the beach road.

Wn315 R676 x 2 - Vf58c x 3 - Vf69 - Ringstand 50mm KwK L/42 - Shelters x 3 - 47mm Pak K36 x 2



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