The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp20 Granville   Map 1214ET 


There were two German Gun Batteries protecting the important port of Granville. Both gun positions were provided with French Schnieder guns of first world war vintage. At Pointe du Roc the guns were of a larger calibre (120mm manufactured in 1917, captured in Belgium), housed in type M158 Casemates, also at this site there was a Fire Control Post (type M162a) and a type 621 personnel bunker.   Unusually the site is now used by the Coast guards as a look out tower, they have even added an extra story to the original buildings. The four Casemates (671) which once housed the guns now have doors and are used as garages. The site also boasted several anti air craft guns and numerous machine gun posts. Quite unusually many parts of one of the Schnieder cannon are on display around the site. The Germans stationed here were from the MAA 608 Regiment. At Haut Forneau, which protected the port the four guns were of 105mm of 1914 vintage. One casemate and the command post bunker remain towards the quay, (H612 & H667). In the spring of 1945 the Germans mounted an attack from Guernsey, which caught the Allies by surprise Once the Allies got their act together the Germans soon retreated back to the safety of the Channel Islands. The last four photos are the interior of the R656 normally locked.                                                                                                                              

Stp20 or Wn05 M162a - M158/R656 x 2 - R671s x 2 - R668 - R612 - R669 - Sk/Vf - Sk/Machinery Bunker - 120mm K370 x 2 - 105mm SK/L40 x 4 

75mm Fk231 Manned by 3/MAA608 Seetakt FuMo 2









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