The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Folligny Map 1215ET

Folligny has always been an important railway junction, the lines from Granville to Paris and from Caen to Rennes pass through the village, and even today it is a well used.

The marshalling yards were important to the French, but to the Germans became a lifeline after the Allies had bombed most of the routes to the east of France.

This was a route to take out produce grown in Normandy to Germany and also to bring in men materials and had the Allies not succeeded in the summer of 1944 this was the route that both V1 and V2's would have found their way into Normandy.

The station complex was bomber in June 1940 by the Germans and then in  1944 by the Allies.

The Mayor has decided to restore the site which includes a Flak tower which looks more like a water tower and also the site of the shelter used during bomb alerts.

The first photos taken in the winter of 2010 show the site with the vegetation being cleared and the second set show it in progress in early April 2011

There are also shelters on the railway itself and as usual a monument to the railwaymen who were killed during the occupation and liberation



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