The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



German Gun Emplacements In Basse Normandy

Name of the Battery                     Guns             Type                                    Year         Range     Emplacement          Unit

Haut Fourneau (Granville)             4 x 105mm   Schnieder K331                 1913      13kms      Open                    2/MAA 608

Pointe du Roc (Granville)              3 x 120mm   Cannon Belge Mle K370B     1931                     H671 M62A 158      3/MAA 608

Carteret                                    4 x 122mm   Russian 390/2 Pushka obr.  1931      20kms      (R669)                   5/HKAR 1262

 Baubigny (Siouville)                    4 x 105mm   Schnieder K331                 1917     13kms       Open                    6/HKAR 1262

Pointe de Rozel                          4 x 105mm    Schnieder K331                                                                       8/HKAR 1262

Houel                                       4 x 105mm    Schnieder K331                                                                       7/HKAR 1262

Fermanville                                3 x 170mm    German                                        27kms     (R688)                   4/HKAR 1262   

Bilville (Petit Thot)                      4 x 105mm    Schnieder K331                1917       13kms      H671                    2/HKAR 1262

St Croix le Delles (Westmark)        4 x 105mm    Canon de Courtmle FR325  1935                      H669                    8/HKAR 1262

Auderville (Laye) Railway Guns     2 x 203mm     Kanone C/34                                  35kms     Open Turntable       3/HKAR 1262

Auderville (La Roche) Stahl         6 x 155mm     St Chamond Mle K420        1917        17kms     R679 H636              1/HKAR 1262

Castle Vendon (Landemer)          4 x 150mm     Skoda C/28                                    23kms     M272 M162A           6/MAA 260

La Rue d’Ozouville                     4 x 100mm     Skoda FH 14/19                1916         10kms     H669                     2/AR 1709

Amfreville (York)                       4 x 170mm     Schiffs Kanone SKL40 German             27kms     M271                    8/MAA 260

Les Couplets                              8 x 155mm   St Chamond Mle K420        1916         21kms     H679                     8/HKAR 1261

Railway Guns                             4 x 240mm    St Chamond K558                            35kms     Open Turntable

Bastion 2 (Port)                         4 x 105mm    UToT L/45                                      17kms     H671 M176 M162A    4/MAA 260

Fort des Forches                        4 x 170mm   German Krupp K18                                         Open                       ?/AR 1709

Fort Central (Outer Harbour)        4 x 94mm     British Vickers M39                            10kms                                  1/MAA 260

Harbour Station (Cherbourg)        2 x 105mm    French SKC/32                                 11kms    H671                       3/MAA 260

Fort du Roule                            4 x 105mm    UToT L/45                                       17kms  671 607 622 501 608    5/MAA 260

Les Mesnil Val                           4 x 155mm   FH414                                                         H669 ?                      7/AR 1709

Les Caplains (Brommy West)        4 x 150mm   Rheinmetal SKC/28                              22kms  1x272 2x176 1x195      7/MAA 260

Fermanville (Sea Eagle)              4 x 94mm      French                                             11kms   open emplacement

Fermanville (Hamburg)                4 x 240mm    SKL40                                              27kms   Not Completed SK       9/MAA 260

Fermanville (Judee)                    4 x 105mm    Canon de Courtmle FR325    1935          20kms   H669                       5/AR 1709

Cosqueville                               4 x 76.2mm   FK295                                                         Open Emplacement     11/AR 1709

Val Bourgin (Maupertus)              4 x 76.2mm   FK295                                                         Open Emplacement     10/AR 1709

Varouville                                 4 x 76.2mm   FK295                                                          Open Emplacement      9/AR 1709

Neville Blankensee                     4 x 94mm      British Vickers M39                               10kms  1xM271 2xM158 1xSK   2/MAA 260

                                             4 x 155mm    French K420                                        20kms   Open

Digosville                                 4 x 155mm    French (St Chamond) FH414                   20kms     H669                     6/AR 1709

Gatteville                                 4 x 155mm    French K420                                        20kms     H679 H502             7/HKAR 1261

La Pernelle 1                            6 x 105mm    Schnieder K331                 1914             18kms     H671 H608             9/HKAR 1261

La Pernell II (Essen)                  3 x 170mm    German K18                                          30kms   (H688) R637            10/HKAR 1261

Morsalines                               6 x 155mm   French K416                                          20kms   (H679)                    6/HKAR 1261

Crasville                                  4 x 105mm    Schnieder K331                 1914              18kms    H671 & H650           5/HKAR 1261

Mont Coquerel (Quineville)          4 x 105mm    Schnieder K331                 1914              18kms    H671                     4/HKAR 1261

St Marcouf - Crisbecq                3 x 210mm   Skoda K39/K41                                      33kms    H683 & M272           3/HKAR 1261

                                             1 x 150mm   French                                                             Open                      3/HKAR 1261

Azeville                                   4 x 105mm   Schnieder K331                  1913             11kms     H650                      2/HKAR 1261

St Martin de Varreville               4 x 122mm   Russian K390/2                   1931             20kms     Open (H669)            1/HKAR 1261


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