The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn317 Biville Plage  Map 1110E


The Germans fearing that the Allies or the French Resistance might use this long beach for landings, created a very economic defence system. The use as the main defence a "SK Sonderkonstruction" type SK667 casemate that housed a 50 mm KwK cannon that had unusually two embrasures. This enabled the gun to cover two sections of the beach, and that meant that the Germans could cover twice the area with only one weapon.

There are around thirty concrete structures along the 5 kms of beach and due to erosion, all but two have fallen onto the beach, looking like children's building blocks. The two SK667 casemates can be found in other lightly defended sections in Normandy, but these have another added dimension in as much as a emplacement for a Renault tank turret has been incorporated at the front of the casemate. The entrance for the crew of the turret is via the gun room through a small entrance which would have meant crawling on all fours. Once inside the crew could close a small fortified door.

There is evidence of damage to both the casemates, but this may have been caused when the gun was recovered for scrap after the war.

Wn317 SK/Twin Embrasure Casemate 50mm KwK - PzT R35 37mm KwK144 - Vf58c x 4 - Vf69 - SK/Vf x 4 - 50mm KwK L/60

Wn317a Vf69 - Vf58c x 4 - Vf67 x 2 PzT s35 47mm Kwk173 x 2

Wn317b SK/Twin Embrasure Casemate 50mm KwK - Pz.T R35 37mm KwK144 - Vf58c x 4 - Vf69 - SK/Vf x 4 - 50mm KwK L/60



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