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The main hospital in Cherbourg has stood on the same site for many years. It is called Hospital Pasteur after the great doctor. Louis Pasteur was born in 1822 in eastern France.
He discovered that most infectious diseases were caused by germs and he also pioneered the pasteurisation of firstly wine and then milk, a process that is still used to this day.
The hospital in Cherbourg was started in the 19th century and like most hospitals was added to as the town grew. When the Germans arrived they quickly designated Cherbourg as a fortress and possibly this clouded their view when it came to building even the most innocent of structures.
They needed a reception area to receive personnel injured in bombings or in the event of an all out attack by the Allies. What they built is a huge hardened bunker attached to the main hospital wing.
This is possibly one of the largest bunkers in Normandy, with the exception of S-Boates pens. It could well be a type 118c of which very few were constructed.
The structure which is now almost hidden in new building once formed the eastern extremity of the hospital, but is now surrounded by the new maternity wing built in the 1960's.
The bunker is still used as an out patients clinic even though many new buildings have been provided. Many of the original fittings are in place, and the corridors have their 900 corners cut away as is normal practice in hospitals to enable stretchers to be handled with ease.
It does seem strange that the hospital authorities have not even painted the structure during the intervening years, and as it supports a covered walkway between two wings of the hospital the bunkers future does seem to be assured. In 2007 the bunker was clad and although still there is not visible.


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