The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn165 Cosqueville  Map 1210E

The small site near Cosqueville is a bit of an enigma, as two field emplacements were places here very close together. Both were manned by the same regiment the AR 1709th.

The 11/AR 1709 we based at Cosqueville and the 9/AR 1709 at Varouville.

This site is somewhere between the two.

Both regiments were equipped with the same field guns 4 x 76.2 mm type FK295 which I believe were Russian in origin.

The site is a simple prepared position with two forward machine gun positioned to protect the front of the site. There are then two positions for cannon with small ammunition bunkers each side.

At the rear of the site there is a a small bunker which if it faced the other way could have been a sentry box, but as it faces the direction of fife it leads you to believe it could have been a Fire Control Post.

Wn165 SK/Machinery Bunker - 76.2 FK39 x 4


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