The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp480 Saint Croix les Delles   Map 1110E


The four Casemates here are well hidden and none of the ancillary buildings seem to have survived.
The Casemates are the most numerous on the Peninsula being of type H669.

The 105mm guns installed here were French in origin and came from the maker Courtmle and they were the only guns of their type in the region. The Casemates have a very small aperture, this gave the guns excellent protection from attack, but meant that their traverse was limited to only 60 degrees.

An other interesting feature in their construction is that wooden expansion joints can be seen left in situ on the interior of each Casemate. One has been adapted as a garage whilst the others fulfil the normal roll of redundant Casemates as a cow shed. The restraining hooks are still in place in the three Casemates used as cow sheds, and as there are no mounting plates in the Casemates the guns used here were of the wheeled type.

R669 x 4  105mm K331 x 4



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