The Atlantik Wall In Normandy




This German anti-aircraft missile was developed in 1941 by Professor Wagner and was refused by the Luftwaffe on the grounds that it was a defensive weapon. Wagner received no official backing until 1943.
Then the Henschel company was given a development contract with production to begin in February 1945. Due to bomb damage interrupting the work, the development was incomplete when the war ended; of 59 experimental launchings, 34 had failed for various reasons.
Schmetterling was a bomb-shaped missile with fins, with two take off booster rockets attached to the outside.
The boost rockets were solid-fuel types. while the internal sustainer motor was a liquid-fuel rocket fueled by a by a ground controller.
It had an effective range of about 10 miles with a ceiling of 35,000 feet.
The warhead carried 55lb of high explosive and was fitted with a "Fox" proximity fuze.


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