The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp224  Fort de Nacqueville Map 1210E

The French originally built a fort here in 1817, after the English landed on this spot in 1758 to raid Cherbourg.

The batterie that exists today was built in the early 19th century and was originally equipped with four muzzle loading cannon mounted in the open.

The four casemates that survive today are from the 1890ís.

The Germans utilised the two tier fire control post that existed in the French fort, and added a casemate for enfilade fire along the beach.

There are also the remains of a German anti aircraft gun within the walls of the fort.

The fort was finally demilitarized in 1980 and is now a centre for water sports.

Stp224 Measuring Post - R612 - Vf/Skoda - MG/Stand - Flak Position x 2 - 75mm FK - 47mm Pak 36


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