The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



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Over half the German installations built on the Atlantic Wall did not conform to the standard plans issued by Berlin, although three more similar structures are to be found nearby. The little Fire Control Post at Hatainville is one of the best examples of local ingenuity. It was necessary for someone with binoculars on the high sand dunes to keep watch over the channel between Carteret and Baubigny where there was another gun emplacement.  The guns at Baubigny were positioned almost at the waters edge and therefore a Fire Control Post high on the sand dunes was deemed necessary. This is the smallest Fire Control Post possible. No room here for a Telemeter, just one sentry to keep an eye on the channel. The construction is very simple, with just shuttered concrete and even a piece of railway track which was used to reinforce the roof structure. The metal reinforcement could possibly have been used to mount a searchlight. The old structure is now used as an orientation platform on the cliff footpath, and is just patrolled by walkers these days. There was also a anti aircraft emplacement on the beach, but has now been lost to the sea. A few days before D-day a British officer of the RAF was parachuted into the dunes near here with a radio transmitter to give a radio signal to the C47ís caring the Airborne Troops on their way to their drop zones near Ste Mere Eglise.

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