The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



WN311 & WN360  Ecalgrain Plage Map 1110E


I have a lot more to find here, so far just a Tobruk upside down on the beach and possibly some sort of measuring stand. On the road up to the village are a line of beach obstacles upside down to put lamps on to guide the troops to and from their positions at night. This seems to be a regular use for them around here.

You can see from the third photo, just how close Alderney is from here, how the British have managed to retain sovereignty over the years is a mystery.

Wn311 Ringstand Gr.W - Water Reservoir - Vf58c - SK/Vf x 5 - SK/MG bunker x 3 - Ringstand 50mm L/42

Wn360 Nothing Listed


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