The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp356 Auderville Laye  Map 1110E



The first thing you notice about this remarkable Batterie is that there is no railway to be seen.
Normally railway guns were kept on the railway so that they could me moved easily. The nearest railway connection is at Cherbourg or Martinvast, and bringing them to this site would mean a road journey of 25kms. Both guns were railway guns of 203mm, of the Kanone E type. The guns would have still been mounted on their railway wagons and the gun traverse would have been achieved by sitting the guns on turntables. The turntables each 35 meters in diameter, would have been the same that you find at a railway yard for turning locomotives. Each of the gun emplacements is surrounded by ammunition (type VF) and personnel bunkers (type 502).  There is even a medical bunker (type 661) which has the distinction of being the only bunker which has doors on different levels.  Unfortunately the medical bunker is always flooded no matter what time of year you visit. The normal gas prevention measures are evident, with gas tight doors, showers and pressure ports to keep the inside air pressure slightly higher than the outside air pressure. This stops gas entering the bunker. Escape hatches can also be seen, one even still has its original door in place.

Stp356 H502 x 2 - SK/Stab Bttr - Vf2a x 2 - Vf/Munitions x 4 - Water Bunker - Flak Positions x 2 - Vf58c x 2 - Vf7b x 4 - 20mm Flak 30 x 2 203mm K SKC C/34 x 2 Manned by 3/HKAR1262


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