The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp351 La Roche Map 1110E


Perched high on the cliffs overlooking Goury, this was the most northerly of the Gun Batteries on the western coast.
This Batterie was only a few kilometres from the railway gun emplacement at Auderville Laye.
The guns deployed here were French in manufacture, built by St. Chamond in 1917 with a range of 17 kms.
The Casemates were of the R679 type dating from 1943 of which only forty one were built on the Atlantic wall.
Metal shutters were fitted in front of the guns and the bolts that would have held them are still in place.
Three of the guns were housed in Casemates and the other three on open emplacements. There is a Fire Control Post sitting on the cliff edge and the entrance is hidden under earth, it is a type 636. On the roof of the personnel bunker the periscope fitting is still there, as are the original doors. There are several Tobruks on site, together with anti aircraft emplacements. There was also a small radar installation (Seekat) perched on the rocks overlooking the bay.
To the right of the site is a machine gun post built into a natural rock and finished with cement.
One of the open gun emplacements was badly damaged by a visiting RAF bomber.
The Casemates have found use as cow sheds, and only one of the gun pits remain visible.

Stp351 R679 x 3 - R636 - R134 - SK/Seetakt SK/Vf x 5 - SK/Machinery Bunker- 155mm K416 x 6 - 76.2mm FK39

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