The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Ozeville Vaudival Map 1310o

In 1942 the 3/AR320 regiment installed 2 100 mm FH 14/19 cannons here. In 1943 the regiment changed and 4 French 150 mm FH18 cannons were installed here.

Eventually the 709th arrived here, and did not use the site. It may well be that the site had wooden guns installed to confuse the Allies into bombing here.

There is a local story that the position surrendered to the American around June 9th by showing a white flag. When an American officer went forward to take the surrender he was shot by a sniper. The Germans were put into the bunker and there was an explosion. The damage to the bunker would tend to support an explosion inside the bunker.


Gun Emplacements x 2 Vf7a Vf2a x 3 Vf58c x 2


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