The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn137 Command Post 1261/HKAR Map 1310o

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On the ridge above the small town of Quineville, hidden in the undergrowth is the command post of Colonel Tripel who commanded the 1261/HKAR regiment who manned the coastal batteries in the area.
He was under the command of Col de von Schlieben of the 709th at Cherbourg.
It was from here the first orders to fire on the Allied fleet were given to the Crisbecq Batterie early on the morning of D-day.
The headquarters were situated in two bunkers almost below ground level and had a water reservoir.
The main command bunker was a type R608, but was unusual that it had a armoured turret added.
The other was R120a which was a observation bunker, which also had an armoured turret.
The R120a shows signs of a large internal explosion.
This is strange because although the Quineville ridge was supposed to be a defensive line, the Germans retreated as the Americans arrived in the area from Utah Beach on the night of June 16th - 17th.
The Americans called it Ginster Hill.
The site today is difficult to find, impossible in summer when the vegetation has again covered all traces of the bunkers, the water reservoir being the easiest.
Batteries controlled from here:
1st Regiment St Martin de Varreville, moved to Cibranot at end of May
2nd Regiment Azeville
3rd Regiment Crisbecq - St Marcouf
4th Regiment Mont Coquerel - Quineville
5th Regiment Crasville
6th Regiment Morsalines
7th Regiment Gatteville
8th Regiment Chateau de Frontany moved to Lestre 9th June, but were also posted at Les Couplets at some time.
9th Regiment La Pernelle 1
10th Regiment La Pernelle 2

Most were equipped with French Schnieder 105 mm guns with the exception of the 3rd who had 210 mm Skoda guns, the 7th who had 155mm French K420 guns.
At La Pernelle 2 3 x 170mm German K18 guns were used.
All were mounted in casemates with the exception on the 1st, 8th and 10th.
The rooms in the PC bunker have been numbered by the builders and decorated after the equipment was fitted.
WN137 R608/SK x 2 - Vf - Water Bunker


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