The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn 392 Wn304 Wn304a Pointe du Jardeheu Map 1110E

Wn 392

Wn 304


The old French position was taken over by the German's as so often was the case and modified to suite their needs. The old position of French cannon can still be seen in front of the Semaphore, which was in use by the French Coastguard until quite recently. It is no hoped that it can be preserved. At Wn 304 there is a Eisenplatten which formed part of the defences, normally the plate was buried in the ground and barbed wire or explosives strung from the top. At many sites in Normandy you can still find them upside down and the troops stood lamps on the top to light their way to their emplacement.

Wn304a is remarkable for the circular pillboxes found in this sector.

Wn392 SK

Wn304 Shelter - SK/MG bunker - Vf/MG

Wn304a Vf58c - SK - Vf/MG bunker


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