The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn331 Port Bail Map1211O

Port Bail is a small port which was important in times past but has silted up over the last hundred years. During the occupation it was hardly used except for a few fishing boats. The Germans ever mindful of the proximity of the Channel Islands placed small groups of soldiers in the town to keep an eye on the port.

At the position Wn331 nothing remains except for a concrete raft which locals say was built by the Germans, and that a 75mm French Cannon was there at some point.

Next to the Church a lone Tobruk can be seen hidden below the grass.

All of the fortifications on the beach have disappeared because of sea erosion, there was a SK/Vf 2a behind the hoarding, but this was demolished in January 2009.

Wn331 Port Bail Beach Vf58c x 4 - SK/Vf2a - Open Emplacement with Ammunition Niches - Old French Fort used as Measuring Post

Wn331a La Caillourie Vf58c

Wn331b Port Bail Town Vf58c


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