The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Port en Bessin WN56 Map 1512 OT











Port en Bessin has always been a small fishing port. The German's defended it on both sides of the harbour. To the west was WN57 and here on the eastern  side WN56.

At beach level is a casemate for a 57mm cannon and just above is a Vauban lookout tower build in 1694. This was used by the German's to store the ammunition for the gun below.

Just a little further up the path is a anti aircraft emplacement and an ammunition bunker of SK construction.

On the cliff top is possibly the best preserved set of trenches in Normandy. The positions they led to have long since fallen into the sea.

WN56 Vf Skoda -  R612 - Vf67 - Ft17 - 37mm KwK144 - 47mm Pak  K36 - 47mm Pak 181



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