The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn201 Port Levi Map1210E

For some reason best known to themselves the German's placed a lot of emphasis on the defence of this tiny port. It could be because of the three batteries behind the Port. Hamburg, Judee and See Eagle (an old French fort). All of the installations are to the west of the port, defending the entrance. I am sure that I have not found all of the bunkers, but so far a 612 bunker that possibly housed a 75mm cannon. A personnel bunker type 621. There would seem to be a PDT on the hill behind the 612. On the edge of the cliff is a emplacement for a 50mm gun and there would seem to be several mortar pits and Tobruks as well as a short length of fortified wall. As usual with these coastal sites much of the remaining concrete has been incorporated into holiday homes, built after the war.

Wn201 R502 - MG Stand - SK Ringstand - Ringstand MG - Wellblech


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