The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn233 Querqueville Map 1210E

Right on the beach, just below the Kriegsmarine gun emplacement “York” was a beach defense installation. This strong point remains remarkably untouched since the liberation, although shelling damage possibly by the US Texas is evident.

This site was built in the vestiges of an old French strong point, which defended the western approach to the outer harbour wall. There are two small bunkers which possibly housed 50 mm guns aligned along the beach and a Tobruk built into the anti tank wall. Just behind the outer wall of the old fort are three bunkers half hidden under mounds of earth. The most westerly is a searchlight bunker of the modified 606 type, there are modifications to the internal layout of the rooms. It is almost identical to the one at Cap de la Hague with the exception of the ramp. The second bunker is a command bunker, the strange thing is than none of the bunkers seem to have Tobruks mounted on top or anti aircraft positions. The third bunker is a personnel bunker of the 501 type.

The troops on duty here would have been able to rest in this bunker and you can still see the mountings on the wall where their beds were suspended as in a ship.

When attacked the beds could be folded up and many more of the garrison could have sheltered in here.

There are also a number of small ammunition bunkers to the rear of the site. Both the main bunkers are remarkable in as much as they retain all their fortified doors, both stable and one panel types can be seen. Also the site has had several visits from the graffiti artists and has been bricked up to stop the local youngsters from using it as a den, but they still get in.

Wn233 R501 - R134 - R667 x 2 - Vf58c x 3 - SK/Searchlight bunker - Ringstand Pz.T FT17 - MG Stand - 50mm KwK x 2



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