The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Ravenoville St Hubert Stp12 Map 1311E

Nearly half the fortifications constructed by the Todt Organisation were of a non standard design. Here at Ravenoville just at the northern end of Utah beach is a very rare and bizarre variation of a H667 Casemate. This Casemate protected what would have been the northern end of Utah beach. The Americans landed some three mile off course to the south. This was because of the sea currents pulling to the south, and also because the pilot boat was lost during the approach to the beach. Because of this this Casemate was somewhat sidelined on D-day and was not taken for several days. The Casemate was built into the anti tank wall and is a veritable fortress in its own right. On the upper level was an 50 mm canon, and below a heavy machine gun post. There was also a machine gun post at the rear. The pot marks on the Casemate are evidence of Sherman tanks advancing up the coastal road. Across the road is a R634 Casemate, thirty six were built in Normandy. It would have had a six embrasure turret on the roof. The casemate shows signs of a considerable explosion inside, although much of the damage may well have been caused by contractors removing the cupola after the war. The bunker would have housed a cupola with six windows to enable both lookouts and machine gun fire. Just to the north was another H667 Casemate which was equipped with a searchlight. The Casemate has been destroyed, but the foundations remain.

Wn12 R667 - Sk/Casemate50mm KwK - R634 - Vf58c - Vf/MG - Pz.T Ft17 - Pz.T R35 37mm KwK 1344 - 50mm KwK L/60


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