The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn127 Rethoville Map 1310O

Situated just to the west of the picturesque gun emplacement at
Neville Blankensee is a late and curious group of bunkers.
The site was principally used as an anti aircraft battery and only two of the four or possible six open emplacements remain. The others having succumbed to sixty years of erosion and tides.
The site would have protected the eastern approaches to the port of Cherbourg and also the Erika radio guidance station at St Pierre Eglise.
There is also a non standard searchlight bunker which is of a non standard design.
To the rear of the bunker are obvious cable ties to enable the searchlight to be moved up and down the ramp. Most searchlight bunkers have a garage beneath where the lamp could be serviced and garaged during the day, but at Rethoville no trace of a garage can be found.
The site has many ammunition bunkers and several non standard personnel bunkers. There is also a most delightful non standard Fire Control Post, which is about to be taken by the sea.
This suggests that it was constructed in late 1943 or early 1944.
The main curiosity of the site is the stone built hut near to the old French Fort a little to the east.
The building was used to house a wind generator, this supplied power to the site.

Wn127 Ringstand 50mm KwK L/42 x 3 _ Vf51a x 2 - Shelters x 6 - Vf58c x 2 - Searchlight Position


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