The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn324a Pointe de Rozel  Map 1211O

The four captured French Schneider Guns dating from 1914 installed near to the Pointe, were never enclosed in casemates. They had been placed here in 1943 to help protect the straights between the western Cotentin and Jersey. They were still installed on their original gun carriages and placed on concrete rafts, of which no trace can be found today. There are two very interesting structures right on the beach to the south of the Pointe. Firstly a double garage built under the sand dunes, that may well have house two anti aircraft guns. This is built in local stone although it uses standard roof sections, reinforced as are many structures in this part of Normandy with sections of rail. On top of the dunes is a Fire Control Post, again not built to any standard design. It does seem that many of the Atlantic Wall structures on this coast, built late in 1943, were designed and executed by a local designer with no reference to standard Todt plans. High on the Pointe is a small Fire Control Post and at the bottom of the cliff is a emplacement for a cannon that has slipped down the cliff due to erosion.

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