The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Ski Sites

The V1 would have arrived by road and unloaded onto a wooden trolley and pushed into the reception garage. This would be temporary storage until it could be taken to the workshop to be made ready for firing

In the workshop the compass, gyroscopes, batteries would be fitted and the fuel tanks filled.

The V1 would then be placed in one of the three garages, which were curved to minimise blast damage. This is the reason they were called SKI sites because of the shape when viewed from the air.  There was also a kerb either side of the wall to stop the warhead coming into contact with the wall, and prevent premature detonation.

The on to the anti magnetic building to have wings attached and the compass set.

and finally to the ramp for launching

Building for the storage of the chemicals.

For a fuller explanation of the launch procedures of the V1 go up a page to the "Light V1 Site" page. The link below takes you to maps and photo's of the Ski Sites


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