The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn243 St Gabriel Map 1210E


On the hills overlooking the eastern side of Cherbourg is this quite special Fire Control Post. It must have been built very early in the occupation as it is built to a very high standards. The lower level includes showers and toilets all of which are tiled.

The upper level is also tiled, but in the observatory there is no mounting for a range finder, which is quite unusual.

The person on lookout must have relied on binoculars. This was used to spot for Digosville which has the same Wn number.

It may well just have been a general observatory The site was a French Fort utilised by the Germans.

There quite a few of the French buildings left, including a large ammunition bunker that seems to have been blown up.

Wn243 Fire Control Post -  Flak x 2 - VF x 3 - Vf Casernement - Vf/WC


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