The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn334 St Germain sur Ay (Plage)  Map 1212E

At Pointe du Bank near St Germain sur Ay is the remains of a German strong point.

To the south of the Barneville Carteret the beach defences tend to be much fewer and far between.

The Germans and especially Hitler felt that the British would try and regain the Channel Islands to the Islands became a “Fortress” and were equipped with bigger artillery pieces than the western coat of the Cotentin Peninsular.

Here at St Germain sur Ay the sea has taken most of what the Germans built. Still remaining are a 50 mm cannon emplacement, a Vf58 Tobrouk together with a well preserved Vf58c still equipped with is octagonal mount for a Gr36 mortar.

The emplacement protects the small bay named (Le havre du Lessay) this has never been an important harbour since Roman times, but the Germans felt it necessary to keep an eye on this length of coast. Along the coast either side of this strongpoint you can find the remains of other German installations, from sentry boxes to ammunition niches and Tobruks.



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