The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



St Nazare

The TodT had almost 5,000 working here and in two years they completed the base (1942-1943) The base has a second roof with an air gap of several meters between the lower and upper roof, this meant that bombs would hit the first roof, explode and the air gap would ensure that there would be no damage to the main structure.

In the early nineties the town who had inherited this large lump of concrete were faced with a decision of what to do with it. It is in the process of being developed into shops, offices and restaurants, although when I visited the site again last year work seems to have ground to a half. Part of the plan is to retain some of the pens in original condition. 

St Nazare was also the site of the "Greatest Raid" of WWII when in 1942 British Commando's destroyed the lock gates to the dry dock. This was to deny the Germans the use of this facility. It had been thought that they were going to bring one of the larger surface ships into the area to help the U-boats sink allied shipping. My pages on "Operation Chariot" can e downloaded as a PDF file here. St Nazare


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