The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



WN22 St Pair sur Mer Map  Map 1215 ET


Immediately south of Granville just north of St Pair sur Mer the Germans installed a anti aircraft battery on the high ground.

These guns were captured British Vickers 75 mm Flak M35 L/60 guns. These had possibly come from the Channel Islands, and were almost certainly placed here because of lack of available ammunition.
The four guns were mounted on concrete plinths, and these plinths are still in situ today. The three machine gun posts are still in place around the site.

Wn22 Measuring Post/SK - Vf/Mg Stand x 4 - Vf x 7 - 75mm Flak M35 x 4 Manned by 2/Ma.Fl.Abt708






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