The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Wn333 St Remy des Landes  Map 1212E


To the south of Denneville is St Remy des Landes which stands at the mouth of the ancient natural port, known as Havre se Surville.

Although by the time of the occupation the port had mostly silted up and was of no real use.

The Atlantic Wall in this part of Normandy was almost non existent with no gun emplacements between Carteret and Granville.

Although the threat of any attack this far south was minuscule the Germans installed a “Strong Point” at this and many other locations along this stretch of coastline.

It should also be remembered that guns sited on Jersey could also cover the waters between the Channel Islands and the Normandy Coast.

Non of these strong points were the same and the installation here comprised of two Tobruks fitted with machine guns, both having small ammunition bunkers a short distance away, connected by zig zag trenches. There was also a Tobruk type mortar bunker, which had been buried beneath the sand for many years and has just uncovered by the sea

Traces of these trenches can still be found, especially in winter when the vegetation is dead. There may also have been anti aircraft guns here although no trace can be found today.  The last two photos are a it of a mystery to me, the building is the relay station for the electric cable between France and Jersey, but look at the shape it looks like a Germa personnel bunker. On closer inspection it is a shell around an earlier construction of concrete, and could the metal be part of an aerial position. There are no German lists that I have found for what they constructed between Port Bail and Granville, so we possibly will never know.



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