The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Tonneville Map 1110e N49 38.485 W001 43.408

The Germans called the site Le Manoirand numbered it 144 in their numbering system.
It is possibly the best preserved light site in Normandy.
The three main elements can all be easily found.
The garage is at the end of the small road leading to the manoir.
The ramp is very strangely constructed in the heart of the farm yard, and the fixing points for the ramp can still be seen in the concrete base.
Possibly this was to help with the camouflage of the site.
There is also a drain in the centre of the concrete base, which would have polluted the nearby stream is a V1 had ever been launched from this site.
The anti magnetic platform is a little further along the road, in the garden of a nearby house.


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