The Atlantik Wall In Normandy




Stp05 Vasouy Map 1711 OT

Situated on the west bank of the River Seine protecting the port of L'havre, this batterie comprised three guns and a Fire Control Post.
The three guns were of 150 mm calibre manufactured by the German arms company Krupp. They were of the type L/45 which were one of the most modern types found on the Atlantik wall..
They also used on motor torpedo boats, and coastal patrol craft. The guns in a coastal batterie could either be used as a surface weapon or in an anti aircraft role.
The guns were mounted in type M272 casemates and the Fire Control Post was of the M262 and had two levels, the lower level being totally enclosed.
Because the case mated guns face the sea they could play no part in the Allied battle for the liberation of the area. The guns were spiked by their crews before they left for L'havre.
One of the casemates has been destroyed by an internal explosion, it could have been done caused by the departing German exploding the stored ammunition for the guns.

Stp 05 M272 x 3 - M262 - Vf - 150mm Tbts L/45


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