The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



WN11 Foucarville la Moinerie

One of the beach defences to the north of the Utah Beach landings, this set of bunkers included a Tobruk for a Renault turret and a ringstand for a 50mm cannon.

There is also a Vf69 emplacement for a 80mm mortar. In country area's such as this on the Cherbourg Peninsular you find local solutions and here is no different. there are two locally designed crew bunk, one with a porch that could grace a country cottage.

Wn102 or Wn11 Vf2a x 2 - Vf58c x 2 - Ringstand 50mm KwK - Shelters x 4 - Vf/Machinery Bunker - Pz.T Ft17 - Pz.T S35 47mm KwK 173 - 50mm KwK L/60


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