The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



WN59 Ste Honorine Des Pertes

WN59 situated well to the east of Omaha Beach must have been a very difficult place to operate. A very steep climb from the village below, or a long trek across unmade roads from the west. This position was to protect the small beach to the east (pic 3) and according to various sources it was equipped with Tobrouk for a tank turret (pic 4) and a SK building which I believe to be in the garden of one of the houses below the site. Also listed to be here or more likely planned to be here are a two mortar positions, a Flak, and also a cannon of either 50mm or 75mm. I think there is some confusion in many documents between WN60 and WN59.

Major Werner Pluskat who was portrayed in the film "The Longest Day"  as the first German to see the Allies approaching on D-day was stationed here, although the sequence was shot at Longues sur Mer where there is a fire control post. Local legend has it that he was in bed with his mistress when the Allies were spotted by the Sgt, who did not believe that HQ would take him seriously and fetched the Major


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