The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



WN61 Les Moulins Map 1412OT

Situated right on the beach at the extreme eastern end, this position denied access to WN60 higher up on the hill. There was an 88mm Pac in the casemate which together with the identical gun at WN72 could provide enfilade fire along the whole of the beach. There was also Tobrouk with the turret from a Renault Tank and also a 50mm cannon, together with a minefield.

Wn61 Vf67 - PzT R35 37mm KwK144 - R667 - Vf58c - Ringstand Gr.W 50mm KwK - Vf/MG - 88mm Pak 43/41 - 50mm KwK L/60


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