The Atlantik Wall In Normandy



Stp74a Pointe de la Percée Map 1412OT

The radar station to the east of Pointe du Hoc mistaken as their landing place by Col Rudder and his Rangers on the morning of d-day.

The is was German Navy Radar station named "Imme"  and had a Wuzburg Riese  a Freya and a Seetakt Gema installed on the site.

The site was extensively bombed around D-day and not much remains. The SK building that housed the electronics is still in place although filled with soil to stop the grazing animals falling in. The site is quite remote from the road and involves a good walk.

It was here that the Rangers heading for Pointe du Hoc arrived by mistake.

Stp74a Kriegsmarine Luftwaffe Station Called Imme. V229 x 2 Vf58c x 5 - SK x 6 - 20mm Flak30 x 3 - 20mm Flak28 x 2 - Sk x 3 - Wuzburg Riese Fu.Se 65 x 2 - Fu.MG 450 Freya - Seetakt Gema FuMo 2 Manned by 2Funkmess-Abteilung


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